Hopefully, being on this site stimulates you to 

think a bit in the one direction or other. Thinking together is important to me as I believe we all benefit from greater accessibility at large, and intellectual accessibility of a world as large as ours contributes to all of us. 

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For me as a lawyer, of course, making advice as accessible as possible  and as seamlessly guiding to solutions is what I always try to achieve. As a mentor, for example for more junior lawyers and startup entrepreneurs, I have enjoyed trying to fit my reactions to the personalities, to their intelligence and ambition, and hoped to thereby speed up their learning. The aim always was to make goals as reachable as possible, and that is how I attempt to make my know-how useful in particular to start-ups. I try to contribute to politics in order to contribute to politics giving as much options to people as possible. As musician, making the thoughts of composers accessible and increasing the variability of how sounds are linked to each other is a permanent enriching challenge from a completely different angle than the remainder of what I do.